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Friday 8 April 2011

pbl 3 work in progress

pbl 3 is about production cycle. production cycle has four activities(product design, planning and scheduling, production operations, and cost accounting).work still in progress.....but our group will try the best for this pbl..thank you.

presentation pbl 2 has already done

our presentation pbl 2 is already done..i hope my lecturer,En.Azmi was satisfied with our presentation. Now, i already know about expenditure cycle and i hope i will apply this in exam.

Thursday 31 March 2011

work in progress

PBL 2 is in progress..Pbl 1 already finish..Now,we should do the PBL 2..PBL 1 is about  revenue cycle and PBL 2 is about expenditure cycle.. both is different.flowchart already finish in PBL 2..but others not yet completed.Even though, my group will try the best to make the best presentation.

Friday 18 March 2011

how make the presentation more interesting?

sy bukan la presenter y bagus tapi sy dah cuba y terbaik...i should learn more from this presentation. i cannot memorize what i want to present because if i don't remember  even one word i cannot continue my presentation.. i should understand what i want to present.

the next presentation i will do my best..

Thursday 24 February 2011